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SS200 glass and stone vacuum pod

Glass and Stone vacuum pod

Tooltec the market leaders in Vacuum Pods are now introducing the all new SS200 stone and glass vacuum pod. With features previously unseen in the stone/glass CNC arena!

Routed into your pod, just insert the rubber gasket to create a new seal.
  • Holding Power as much as double your existing pods
  • No foam gasket needed
  • Zero leaks with perfect rubber seal
  • Rubber tops and bottoms interchangeable
  • Lightweight but strong
Too much damage? Simply replace the rubber lid in seconds. Drop the cups on the table? No problem. No damage to the cup or your expensive aluminium table. Holding power as much as double to your existing cups. No foam gasket needed.
Zero leaks with an absolute perfect rubber seal. Rubber tops and bottoms are identical and interchangeable.
With almost half the weight of other stone cups with patented modular design for strength our new pods are a must!